Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pectuscast - Second Edition

This is Pectuscast. This latest version is another recording of more or less the same content produced about a year ago, but the sound quality is much better. If you listened to the original podcast recorded in August of 2006, you won't learn anything new from this recording, but if this is your first time checking Pectuscast out, just listen to this version.

Pectuscast is a podcast covering the condition and treatment of pectus excavatum. It is a podcast about pectus and the Nuss procedure.

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Andrew said...

Excellent!!! I wish I would of found this earlier. My son just had this surgery done 5/21/07. Four years earlier he had the Ravitch technique done which 5% of these surgerys fail... he was one. He also had a collapsed lung after the Nuss was placed. I gleened a lot of information from your podcast. I am ordering a medical alert bracelet for him today.